Apple Market Share is #1 with the iPad


If you’re like me, you read this headline and thought “ok, what kind of marketing/hype spin has this blogger/reporter created so he can justify a heading such as this??”   – original article here

Well, according to this article and the IDC report, if we would include the iPad as a “PC” (and why the heck wouldn’t we?) it shows that Apple truely is starting to dominate market share while all other PC manufacturers are loosing theirs!

Ok – I’m not a Die-Hard Apple fan, but I have been a very happy Mac user for the past 2 years, so I feel very justified when I say “–> INSERT HAPPY SNOOPY DANCE HERE <–”

I’m THRILLED to see this type of market share and acceptance.   No, not to line Apples pockets with more money, but to get more software companies take notice and start developing their applications for the Mac for the benefit of all mankind and the enablement of World Peace.

No matter what way you slice it, even killing the iPad, Apple is the only notable PC Manufacturer that has increasing market share for the past 18 quarters.

We can all sleep safely tonight…


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